Friday, 20 June 2014

Attention to detail

Someone once said, when you pay attention to detail, the big picture will take care of itself. Not in the world of photography. You have to make that big picture happen. 

My location for today's images is somewhere in the middle of the Anza Borrego Desert in California. If you've been paying attention I've blogged from there before. Well not from there, but about there. There’s something magical  about the place. Far enough from civilisation to be out of phone range yet close enough to be a couple of hours drive there and back from greater San Diego.  
It looks worse than it is. Ok that's a lie.
I love everything about the desert: the tang of the cool air as you leave sea level behind, the strange alien plant life, bumping over impossibly rocky creek beds and climbing up insanely steep hills holding my breath the whole journey.
These shots were taken in 2005 on a trip my brother and I did alone in his Jeep. We climbed up this ridiculously high plateau because I think Simon wanted to find out simply if he could do it. 
The answer was yes, even if he did scare the total bejeezus out of me in the process by sending the Jeep up a near vertical cliff right at the end of the climb. 
The best thing here is the complete and total solitude. Out here you are alone, period. 
Full circle 360 degree panorama stitched from 20 single images
I know this is why my brother loves to come here. Far from the order of civilisation with no one to fill the silence but yourself, no voices to heed but your own inner ones. 
And here, even those fall silent in unspoken homage.

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