Saturday, 14 June 2014

Inspire Yourself

Creative inspiration  is sometimes found in the most unusual of places. I once spent a day in Brisbane taking photographs with a friend. Actually we spent many days in Brisbane taking photographs but this blog entry concerns only one of them. It was autumn 2006 and I was young and fit, without most of the cares of the middle-aged sitting squarely on my shoulders. We were on the final leg, crossing back into the city at Melbourne Street after a full loop of the central business district, covering everything from universities to Southbank  and the Botanical Gardens. Just after sunset I spotted a fluorescent cube note firmly glued to the railing of the bridge imploring us to inspire ourselves, exactly what my friend and I had been trying to do.

We walked on further only to find this pop-tart philosophy was the first of a series of five.

Unfortunately someone had tried to deprive us of the final two messages, scratching them off the light poles they had been glued to.

I sometimes wonder in a kind of chaos theory way what became of both the gluer and the scratcher, and what life paths were changed before the scratcher did his work and who may have missed out after, even us perhaps. 
Maybe the gluer and scratcher were the same person, hoping to instill such a curiousity in the reader they discovered something new about themselves by trying to fill in the blanks. 

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Pamela-June Weatherill said...

Great to see you (and your photography) on the blogosphere Anna :-)