Saturday, 28 June 2014

To Thine Own Selfie Be True

I was taking selfies before Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat were even invented; probably before mobile phones were even invented. 
This is what happens when photographers drink around mirrors.
April 2005 and July 2012, Fremont St in downtown Las Vegas. More drinking, more mirrors.
Sometimes for a travelling photographer a selfie is the only way to ever get yourself in a photo, or the both of you together if you happen to have a companion. 
Anza Borrego Desert, shot on film with wobbly tripod, November 2004
Sure you can call upon the kindness of a passing stranger, if a kind one happens to pass. 
From left: September 2007 terrible selfie, August 2012 terrible selfie, August 2012 passing kind stranger
But this opens you up to various risks, not the least of which are ending up with a shockingly blurry photo taken somewhere unbelievable you might never make it to again, or simply having some ass run away with your gear. 
As a photographer this fellow made a great taxi driver. Puu Ualakaa Lookout
Oahu, Hawaii.
Yeah you can unfold your tripod, attach the camera, put the camera on self-timer then have fourteen tries at pressing the shutter and running around in front before it goes off but by this time the sun has usually set or the animal has run away or the tour bus has left after getting sick of waiting for you to take a photo.
Or just balance your camera on the hood of a Jeep. Anza Borrego Desert. July 2012
So generally it's easier just to zoom out to a ridiculously wide angle, point the camera at yourself and hope for the best. At least the digital age makes it easier to rinse and repeat until you get it right. Or not.
Anzac Day 2011, shot on a ridiculously wide angle lens
Never work with children or animals, January 2013
Selfies are never flattering. The perspective is distorted, extra chins you didn't know you had come up for air and the golden rule of never shoot up a nose is usually broken.
And then your husband makes a rug out of it. A lookout on Oahu, Hawaii somewhere, October 2013

Chain of Craters Road on the Big Island of Hawaii, November 2013
When I started looking I realised I have hundreds of selfies, so here's some more of my hits and misses over the years taken in interesting places or that had interesting results. Just because I liked the photo, I've included a couple of shots that are not technically selfies but were taken of me by whomever I was with at the time. Or a random kind stranger who happened to be passing.
Inside a submarine off the coast of Cairns, April 2009
Shiny car bumper, Brisbane Motor Show, February 2008
April 2009 with the girls from Bliss Photography Michaela and Deb

Mirrored ceiling in the Waikiki Beach Swatch store, April 2005
Back in the desert, April 2005
Queen Califia's Magical Circle sculpture garden
(artist Niki St Phalle), in Kit Carson Park Escondido,
California, 2005

The cane road out from Pottsville, September 2013, images by Danny
Dawn before the Supermoon, May 2012, image by Danny

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