Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Total Eclipse Of The Heart

I am unapologetic about my obsession with hearts. I can't explain it, don’t recall when it started and I can’t see it ending anytime soon. Even if my mum did occasionally say I have more than enough and my house is starting to look kitsch.
Yep, she's right.
 Hearts are everywhere. When we travel I'm always looking closely for the hidden and not so obvious hearts, left both by design,
Stained glass ceiling panel, Las Vegas 2005
One of the four hearts marking the corners of Union Square, San Francisco, 2012
or by man's obsessive need to leave his mark.
Golden Gate Bridge, 2012
Brisbane Botanic Gardens, 2006
Pinned to a poster on a community noticeboard, La Jolla 2012
Nature is also full of surprises if you know where to look. 
Pottsville Beach, Spring 2013
Secret Island, Oahu Hawaii, 2013
In what I am sure was a once in a lifetime event in 2010 we sliced this onion open to reveal a perfect heart inside.
My foolish crying heart
I took this in October of 2010; Danny and I had ventured out on an urban photo safari around Brisbane with a friend. It was very late in the afternoon and as the sun filtered down through a pedestrian overpass onto this red concrete wall it cast a perfect heart in the corrugated finish.
I like to think it was done just for me.

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