Friday, 4 July 2014

Children Of The Cane

If you grew up in Queensland or Northern New South Wales you are familiar with the rolling sea of green that is a cane field. You know the smell of it burning; you've seen the black snow when the ash from burning off the cane floats through the air and settles lightly on your neighbourhood.
Approaching rain, March 2011
Cane is such a familiar in my life the sight of it anywhere is like coming home. 
Golden hour, September 2013
There's nothing like actually coming home and driving down the cane road into my town surrounded by fields lit from within by the sun, or the great brown fields of dust after the harvest.
I've blogged this one before. September 2013, images by Danny
After the harvest, September 2013
The new highway out behind the coastal villages diverted the traffic from the coast road and in doing so opened up a whole new world of cane for me.
Sunset, July 2012
As I've touched on before in this blog the freeway mows through farmland exposing a terrific view of Mount Warning and the cane fields that surround her like a shield. The active volcanoes in Hawaii have lava shields. Mount Warning has cane shields.
Christmas Day, 2011
We've used the cane to effect to shoot a car we reviewed in March of this year. Skoda Australia graciously gave us an Octavia wagon for a week, and I could think of no better background than the cane road out of town to put her through her paces.
Sonia Silvercar, March 2014

In this area cane is such an iconic sight I've sold some images as stock and art. I'm not sure the cane farmers would agree but I constantly find beauty in the changing form of the plants and the changing symmetry of the fields as they are planted, harvested and replanted year round.
October 2008
It's hard to capture the size of the fields in one image. This is a knit of eleven single frames.
September 2013
.In June of 2010 I shot a wedding in and around the township of Murwillumbah. Despite the bride's protestations we shot a few images down the end of Commercial Rd, with the cane fields and Murwillumbah in the background. A shot from the series actually made it into their album.
The end of Commercial Road Murwillumbah, June 2010
Cane is so much a part of my identity that when Danny and I married in 2009, we had photos taken at the beach (surprise! Not) and in the cane fields. No spiders, black snakes or rats were harmed making these photos.

March 2009, images by Deb and Michaela from Bliss Photography

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