Tuesday, 8 July 2014

There's A Biscuit In My Camera Case

A small piece of a cracker biscuit to be exact, and no prizes for guessing where it came from. When you have a grandchild you find all sorts of things in places they shouldn't be. Miller came to stay with us last night, so today we took him to visit Poppa Stan. The Big Boy is nearly 2 (Miller, not Stan), so an outing was required and there is no more beautiful place to catch the winter sun than my home town.

My parents have a ridiculously amazing backyard, built over the course of 44 years with some extra special professional finishing touches added just before mum and Stan got married there in 2005. It looks a bit like a tropical rainforest complete with creek bed and bridge, and is the perfect place for a little boy to run wild in.
The obligatory golf ball throwing. Image by Danny
We haven't had Miller down here for almost four months. Poppa Stan and Miller had lots of catching up to do and manly things to talk about, like how do I throw this great red frisbee, and what's in this giant flower pot?

I'm sure Stan checked underneath for copperhead snakes before he did this.
Then it was out the back for some frisbee throwing and grandson spinning by Poppa Stan and golf-ball throwing by Auntie Melissa who dropped in to visit.

You can see the ball just above the gate sign.
Then it was a round of hide and seek. The concept of 'hide' was somewhat lost on Miller.

It was a beautiful afternoon when we said goodbye to Poppa Stan so we headed to the to beach where Auntie Melissa and Uncle David were staying with their kids for the holidays.
TIme to go!
The girls had watering cans which are almost Miller's favourite toys. It didn't take him long to get the idea. The water was icy cold (well, our idea of icy) but it didn't stop him getting soaking wet.
The girls show Miller how it's done.

Good grief who turned the heater off?
David and the boys turned up with Cornetto icecreams, so we gave one to Miller (after I ate the peanuts off the top for the fun police). I think this is the first time he has had an icecream like this.

Still clutching the Cornetto it was back to the task at hand. So much for the wellington boots. I may as well just have taken him and dropped him off the bridge he was so wet.

Ok maybe he could get wetter. He fell into the water but like a champion held onto the Cornetto the whole time and continued to eat it, salt water and all, when we fished him out.

A great day was had by everyone.

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