Sunday, 20 July 2014

Viva Bris Vegas

I'm not sure how Brisbane earned herself the moniker Bris Vegas. As cities go there is little similarity between Brisbane and Las Vegas except the summer temperature. Las Vegas is big and out there and unapologetic, her lips are ruby red and her dress is not quite long enough and she stands in your personal space touching your arm, egging you on to take one more drink and stay up just one hour later until that one hour is the hour before dawn.
The Strip at dusk, July 2012
Brisbane is a country lass coming to the big smoke for the first time, wearing a touch more makeup and her best pearls, smiling and flirting with you but still uncomfortable in her own skin, pulling at her skirt hem now and then and looking to turn in long before midnight.
corner of Adelaide and George Streets Brisbane
Treasury Hotel and Casino on William St Brisbane
I lived in Brisbane from 1987 when I was 17 years old and a fresh-faced uni student, through to the end of 2004 when I moved to the Gold Coast. I was that same country lass and I was out of my depth but I figured it out as I went along, I had no choice.
George and Adelaide Streets by day
Seen at the Fresh Food Market, top of Queen St Mall
The Big Issue
Queuing for bagels at the Fresh Food Market
Brisbane was kind to me, she had not yet come of age herself and wouldn't really start until the following year with World Expo '88 at Southbank. This was when Brisbane made her debut, and Expo '88 was a turning point for Brisbane in putting her well and truly on the map as a modern and multicultural city. Well as far as she can be in Queensland. 
Onesies for sale in the Myer Centre
Thanks I just might
Count the balls comp in Queen St Mall for the World Cup
In particular, Southbank never looked back and carried the CBD and West End along with it. It has taken Brisbane another 26 years of hard work to get to where she is now, and I think sometimes I can still peek through the drag and see the big country town underneath.

We were there this week for a Nurse's Union conference; Danny was a delegate and I tagged along to get out of the house and keep him company for a few days. I spent one day catching up with family and turned the other day into a city safari, just wandering around with my camera seeing where the day would take me. 

I ended up at Roma Street Parklands. The last time I shot here was 2006 so it was interesting to place a new take on an old friend. Sometimes when I shoot a theme emerges after a while, and this trip turned out to be about textures and patterns. Here's a sample.

Why yes, I do have munted toes

On our last night there Danny and I went to the Night Noodle Markets at Southbank, an interesting collection of pop-up Asian food shopfronts provided by restaurants across Brisbane. As I approached Southbank across the Victoria Bridge I could see an incredible spectacle of colour and activity and I almost ran the last few hundred metres to the Market entrance. 

Brisbane City from the Victoria Bridge around 5pm

It was right on dusk and I was able to use the last light of the day to catch some beautiful shots in and around the Market and also of the city skyline. Enjoy.

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