Sunday, 3 August 2014

50 Shades Of green (50 Million That Is) - Part 2

Last time on the blog we covered all things green in supporting roles. Now let's look at green as the star of the show, because nature can do her own accessorising.
Mount Tamborine avocado farm, May 2005
House gecko on the Big Island, Hawaii, October 2013
Green coffee beans, Mountain Thunder Plantation, Kona, November 2013
Koi pond in Valley of the Temples, Oahu Hawaii, October 2013
In the plant world green is the colour of hope and renewal, the show nature puts on when all is well. 
On the road to Waimea Falls, Hawaii, October 2013 (image by Danny)
Valley of the Temples, Oahu Hawaii, April 2005
Sometimes she mixes a little red in, just for effect.
Anza Borrego Desert, July 2012
You can enjoy the bigger picture, but don't forget to take in the details.
Detail of a staghorn frond, September 2013
Carpet of light, September 2013
Cactus in Mt Cootha Botanical Gardens, July 2006
Roma Street Gardens, July 2014
Inside the fern house at Mt Cootha Botanical Gardens, July 2006
Nature strives continuously to lay out her green carpet despite the best laid plans, or pavers, of man. 
Mossy grout, September 2013
And turns on a spectacular light show.
Sunlight streams through a palm leaf in the Mt Cootha Botanical Gardens, July 2006
Monkeypod trees on Oahu, Hawaii, October 2013
Cane in afternoon light, September 2013
I suspect that if the human race died out the first thing that would happen is a blanket of green would slowly cover us over the course of a few centuries until the earth thought it was a dream we were ever here.
San Diego Wildlife Park, July 2012
Like the finest impoverished painters, nature even covers over her own artworks so she can start again fresh.
Nature reclaims a lava flow on Kaimu black sand beach in Hawaii, October 2013
Mossy log in Lamington National Park, March 2012

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