Sunday, 21 September 2014

Out In The Midday Sun

Today was a special bloggers' day out readers. Yours truly, my other half Danny and The Boy met Stu from Stu At The Zoo and Pamela from Text To Me down at Currumbin Beach for the Swell Sculpture Festival
In case you forgot where you were.
'Animals With Attitude', artist Scott Maxwell, image by Danny.
'Erebus', artist Glen Star.
We didn't anticipate the enormous crowd and by the time we found a car park we were ready for coffee and a break. By the time we got down to the beach to look at the displays it was already 11 am and the sun was beginning to bite. Summer is definitely almost upon us.
Artist unknown. This tiny raft is what all these people are looking at.
'Floating In The Light', David Ardley.

Detail, 'Bridge', artist Jack Quilter.
'Device Tethering', artist David McGuinness.
A funny thing happens when you put really interesting sculptures outside in public areas and don't fence them off. People want to, and will, touch them. 
Artist unknown.
Sea Pod, artist Jack Poulsen.

Artist unknown.
This was of course exacerbated here by the presence of a hulking great sign in front of each work barking out PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH and PLEASE DO NOT CLIMB ON THE SCULPTURES in 6 inch high letters. Now, of course, everyone HAS to touch them, and climb on them, and generally interact with them in every way possible. I felt like wiping each one down with a baby wipe (and god knows I had plenty with me) before I looked at it. It would have been better just to put signs on them all saying 'do whatever the hell you like because you're going to regardless'. There, I fixed it for you.

Of course the attending public turned out to be far more interesting than the artworks so I mostly shot them, and of course, Boy. Much fun was had by all. If any of the artists of these works are looking at these shots no one at all touched any of them I SWEAR :p
Boy had to touch absolutely bloody everything.
Some of them he even poked with sticks.
Artist unknown.
On the boardwalk with Grandad.
Even the locals were getting in on the fun.
'Throne of Games', artist Scott Maxwell. While I was taking
this a small child ran up to the throne screaming 'it's a
TOILET!!'. At this point I stopped shooting.
Detail from 'Throne of Games'.
Detail from 'Sea Pod'.
Miller prepares to wreak havoc with his stick.
'The Studio', artist Carly Scoufos.
Detail from 'The Studio'.
Artist unknown. This was an incredibly popular exhibit - these structures
spun like tops and had holes to peep inside them.

Live life love life and buy bags with captions.
'Sun Spirit', artist Frank Miles 2006, a fixture on the shoreline.

'Wolf', artist Ivan Lovatt. Seemingly made of chicken wire
kids (and adults) couldn't keep their hands off it.
You are gonna lose mate.
This woman was trying to pose her dog with 'Wolf'
and the dog wouldn't have a bar of it.
Ah, yarn bombing. It's art you know.
All a bit much for these punters.
'Sea Ball', artist John Wilson.
Detail, 'Sea Ball'.
'Sweaty Grumpy Tired Grandad', by artist Miller Connolly.
An interactive piece demonstrated here by the artist.
Dance like no one's watching. But they ARE!
Artist unknown, image by Danny.
'Octopus Attacks', artist Filthy Luker & Pedro Estrellas, installed on
the top of Elephant Rock to great effect, image by Danny.
Artist Miller Connolly calls this interactive piece
'Cranky Nanna With Squint and Sunburn', a work in progress.
Goodness knows how Danny found this piece of beach with no one on it.
I'd like to go there. NOW.

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