Sunday, 28 September 2014

The Fat And The Furious

This week the Brashness and I travelled to Brisbane for a night to see our favourite comedian Gabriel Iglesias, also known as Fluffy Guy. Normally we'd both break out the cameras and smoke them up around the streets but I'd had a big week of shooting already and I felt like putting my Nikon away and just enjoying some time off. So I took a few shots, faded, and let Danny carry the load for me.

You know we didn't even look at what building this was on. Not a government
one I'd say.
Sandstone aberrations.
Step on a crack...
Sneaking a break in a back alley in Hershel Street.
We'd also both had a big week with some serious family issues sapping us and to say we have been looking forward to a break is an understatement! So Brash took one for the team and shot the majority of the images for the blog today, and he didn't disappoint. Here's a small selection from both of us appropriately watermarked.

The obligatory portraits  in the lovely soft afternoon light.
For this one I turned Brash back into the sun to light him up.
As always after we checked into our hotel we set off into the afternoon to do some street photography. It was the second last day of the Brisbane Festival; we expected some additional interesting sights and were well rewarded.

This poor fellow was still here way after midnight after
we came out of our show.
Wait... what?
It was after this abomination that I stopped shooting.
Too many mirrors, too much and it hurt my brain.. this
shot by Danny. We think it was an Audi display. Maybe.
I think this is a fixture but it fit right in with the weirdness in the mall.
A detail from the mirrored Audi strangeness above.
As mentioned I lasted 16 shots and I was done, but Danny was just getting up a head of steam.

The last day of the Brisbane Festival.

It was an afternoon of illusions, in more ways than one.

We stumbled upon this fellow doing card and balloon tricks in Queen Street Mall.

As it was a holiday we celebrated with a gigantic gelati each from Gelatissimo in Albert Street.

No one is safe from Danny and his Nikon.
Especially not me. Burnt caramel and... I forget.
This girl was not eating gelati. I doubt she ever eats gelati.
After our gelati-feast and a small rest in our hotel room we ventured out again to walk over to Southbank and catch the sunset before our show. 

It was obvious that the Brisbane Festival was winding down but we still found some interesting moments to capture. This strange construction was a visual art interactive piece called Exxopolis.

Details from Exxopolis at the Brisbane Festival

I'm reliably informed by Danny that spiegel means mirror.

I'm not sure this is the right way up but it works.
Just before the show we ventured into the newly opened Guzman Y Gomez, Mexican style food and dining in Grey Street. Very yummy food if it was a bit dear. Made me pine for Chipotle's in the US. Then we had more ice cream. No, really.

Frozen goodies at Guzman and Gomez in Grey Street.
Fantastic Mexican food but really, NINE DOLLARS
for a frozen margarita this small was a bit rich. 
On a final note, I have to give a big shout out to Gabriel Iglesias for simply being the funniest comedian on the planet. We had the opportunity to do a meet and greet after the show which was a fantastic end to our terrific break. 

Thanks Fluffy! Image by Anthony Nunez Photography
Now back into it tomorrow for me with a political luncheon to shoot - lots of grip and grins! Thanks Brash/Danny for being our guest shooter this week!

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