Sunday, 19 October 2014

All The Small Things

So this week neither myself nor the Brashness felt much like trekking anywhere, so we challenged ourselves to see what we could find right in our own backyard. Actually IN our own backyard. 

To make it more fun we found a couple of old manual macro lenses and set out with them. It was close to the golden hour and we focused on finding hidden secrets in our pretty ordinary Australian mostly unkempt garden.

I didn't even see these eggshells fastened precariously to the render until Brash showed me this photo. I wonder if the EggMama was hiding somewhere watching us.

Lichen always makes for interesting closeups.

The steps leading down to the back corner of our sloping block.

Azaleas. Not the Iggy variety either.

Our charms, one each at the front and back doors, are supposed to ward off trouble. They're not working too well at the moment.

A Sword Fern catching the last rays of the sun.

Closeup of a Dracena leaf. These things are impossible to kill. This one has been cut off at the knees about six times. We have given up and now just chop it off when it gets above gutter height. Again.

Pine needles.

An interesting growth on the underside of a giant cement slab that the plumber cut out of our BBQ area when he was fixing our leak recently. Don't ask.

Oranges and lemons, the bells of... yes they are lemons. Really. Ok the other shot is mandarins but that doesn't fit the song.

We smelt this little one before we saw him. Stink bugs see you coming and let out a pungent, musky stench that is impossible to get off your skin or clothes. Like the insect version of a skunk. Danny was pretty brave getting this close for a buggy portrait.

I chose to stand back somewhat.

This bug was only about a centimetre long, or less than half an inch for my Northern Hemispherian readers.

So not much substance today bloggers, just a lot of pretty pictures and perhaps some inspiration for you all to go out into your own backyards and find the devil in the details. Those of you living in apartments - as you were..

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