Monday, 13 October 2014

Blue Skies Smilin' At Me

Here on the gorgeous east coast of Australia we are rapidly launching into summer. Summer doesn't officially start until the 1st of December but Mother Nature is slipping in a few beautiful humid and sun-soaked days to give us a taste of what is to come. I sometimes get up at 4am for my Other Job and the birds are already tweeting; the first streaks of morning are present in the sky by the time I leave at 4.30am.

Our place, 4.40pm very late September.
I was out in my yard the other afternoon hanging out the washing looking at the clear blue sky and I realised what beautiful weather we have here almost year round. There are not many days or weeks in the year when the sky is not blue. 

Late April, 4.40 pm.
Australia; you're standing in it! 1.30pm, mid-October.
A beautiful backdrop of course makes a photographer's job so much easier.

Burleigh Rock Pools on a picture perfect summer afternoon.
5.30pm, mid-December.
Fraser Island, early afternoon, time/date unknown.
If you've been following the blog you've already had the lesson on why the sky is blue. So today I'm simply going to present a few beautiful images taken both here and overseas, including some personal and some client work, but all using the wonderful backdrop of a bright blue sky. Enjoy, and start counting down to summer Australia!

This panorama was taken in the Anza Borrego Desert in California. It was the middle of the Northern Hemisphere summer and 1.15pm, about 46 degrees Celsius. To be far I had a polarising filter on the camera lens here that increases contrast.

This next shot is actually indoors, part of a set of underground tunnels connecting a lot of the casinos in Las Vegas. This is in the tunnels underneath Caesar's Palace; the effect is quite discomforting to start with.

Somewhere in Brisbane on a very bright afternoon.

In Cairns with the lovely Cath and Doug for their elopement. It was 11am on a mid-July day and putridly hot and humid. July is supposed to be winter in Australia except someone forgot to cc the email to Cairns.

Taken from a sailboat somewhere off the west coast of Oahu in Hawaii. Late October about 10 am.

The Gold Coast Broadwater shot from Labrador. Taken about 9.30am in mid-August.

Somewhere in the Anza Borrego Desert. 

The delightful and brave Mark and Sue who decided to get married in the morning then have wedding photos on the beach at 11am in January, the middle of the Australian summer. Wait? What? It was so hot I had to hop from foot to foot on the sand.

In March of this year Skoda Australia gave us an Octavia wagon to test drive for a week. We took her out the back of Beaudesert for a run and the scenery did not disappoint.

Christmas morning 2013 and the birds were providing the decorations. This shot was taken about 6am and the sun was already well up in the sky.

Shot on film in Balboa Park in San Diego.

This beautiful family had a perfect day at Kurrawa Park on the Gold Coast for their portraits. This shot taken at 4pm in mid-December with the sun still fairly high but down enough to give some nice long shadows.

Mid-afternoon on a perfect October day in West End in Brisbane.

Mid-December and mid-morning in San Diego's Gaslight District. The light still had a filtered feel to it at this time of the day given the low winter sun.

This could be anywhere in Southern California. 

This client had very impressive weather for their session with a spotless sky providing the perfect backdrop. 3pm on a mid-July afternoon so the sun has dropped enough to take the sting out of the rays and soften the shadows a little.

4pm on a late June afternoon. Again the dropping sun softens the shot.

This ridiculous colour is as shot. Taken at Mt Coo-tha Botanical Gardens in Brisbane, mid-July and 1.30pm, the hottest and brightest part of the day.

On the beach at Currumbin, early October just after 5pm.

This is the lighthouse at Byron Bay on the far north coast of the state of New South Wales, Australia. I paid a hundred bucks for a commercial license to shoot here this day and until now I've never used one shot from the series. Late afternoon, and I'm guessing mid to late winter as there were whales jumping offshore while I was shooting. Very distracting.

The beach at Kirra on the Gold Coast, one of my favourite spots to shoot. This was taken after I'd finished up a family portrait session, about 5.30pm in mid-November.

Taken on the Jetty at Murwillumbah in NSW Australia. The day itself was gray and sunless at this point so I was glad of a little colour in the sky. 2.30pm in late June.

A clear autumn afternoon in early April, about 4.45pm. Taken at the Currumbin Surf Club before a wedding.

5.30pm in early December.

3.40pm in late March at Miami Beach here on the Gold Coast. This was a bleary day so a little pop of colour in the sky was appreciated to lift the image.

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