Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Shootout At The GC Canal

Ok, so it wasn't really a canal it was the Gold Coast Broadwater but I couldn't make that rhyme. As you will know by now bloggers my husband Danny, a.k.a Brash Daniels, often comes out shooting with me and regularly gives me a run for my money. This week we (finally) had a couple of days to come up for air without the Little Tacker attached to us like a limpet on crack, so we went out shooting together here at Main Beach on the Gold Coast, more specifically the boat marina at Marina Mirage.

ISO 250, 160mm (lens + doubler without digital crop added), 1/500 @ f2.8, image by Danny.
All of my images ISO 800, 24mm. 1/160 @ f5.6, image by Anna.
I'm not sure how it happened but I decided we should have a shootout. Danny immediately cried foul because I'm a pro and he's not, so I handicapped myself a little to give him a fighting chance that I believed he didn't actually need.

Danny clearly doesn't need a handicap... 1/100 @ f8.0, image by Anna.
I shot all day with our 24mm f1.8 prime at ISO 200, when I hardly ever have my delicious 50-135mm off the camera and my ISO is permanently on 800. This is primarily because I'm lazy but also because the 50-135 is a cracker of a lens with a fantastic range, and at ISO 800 I can catch pretty much anything that moves any time of the day or night. I guess it's also habit. When I shot film I most often found myself using Fuji NPC160 Portrait or Fuji Press 800 film as the best all-rounders available, and that carried over to my digital practice.

ISO 250, 160mm, 1/640 @ f2.8, image by Danny
Danny chose our gigantic 80-200mm lens with a doubler, making it a 240-600 mm range when the digital sensor crop factor of our cameras is considered. I allowed him to take a backup and he chose the 11-16mm wide angle, and he could also shoot at any ISO or combination of settings that he wanted. So he definitely had the advantage gear-wise. I however still had 20 years experience and some mad photoshop skillz in my corner.

1/160 @ f5.6, image by Anna.
The afternoon started out very glarey so we walked along the marina and watched the helicopters taking tourist flights over the Gold Coast take off and land.

ISO 250, 160mm, 1/400 @ f7.1, image by Danny.
ISO 250, 160mm, 1/80 @ f22, image by Danny.
1/250 @ f8.0, image by Anna.

1/640 @ f8.0, image by Anna.
Some of the little things proved more interesting to me than helicopters. They do say the devil is in the details.

1/160 @ f8.0, image by Anna.
1/250 @ f5.6, image by Anna. Ok so I really messed with this one.
I did a little reconnaissance after a while just to see what I was up against. Not bad...

So we let the sun get a bit lower in the sky and do the work for us adding colour and interest.

ISO 250, 160mm, 1/500 @ f2.8, image by Danny.
1/640 @ f5.6, image by Anna.
ISO 250, 80mm, 1/6400 @ f2.8, image by Danny. No doubler from this point.
1/640 @ f5.6, image by Anna.
At this point Danny changed to the wide angle 11-16mm lens as we made our way around the edge of the marina to check out some serious maritime muscle. This is obviously what the rich people do on their days off. I must admit this is the perfect lens for this situation and Danny's treatment in Photoshop of his images is just beautiful.

ISO 250, 12mm, 1/1250 @ f4.0, image by Danny.
ISO 250, 13mm, 1/2500 @ f4.0, image by Danny.
ISO 250, 13mm, 1/640 @ f4.0, image by Danny.
ISO 250, 14mm, 1/1250 @ f4.0, image by Danny.
1/2500 @ f5.6, image by Anna.
1/800 @ f5.6, image by Anna.
1/250 @ f5.6, image by Anna.
1/640 @ f5.6, image by Anna.
By now it was getting late and we started thinking about dinner. No we didn't stay at the marina we ended up at Crust Pizza in Coomera.

ISO 250, 14mm, 1/60 @ f11, image by Danny.
And of course the obligatory selfies to end the evening. I think Danny has to win this round, if only for this fabulous and fun moment. What do you think bloggers? Should I concede defeat??

ISO 250, 15mm, 1/160 @ f2.8, image by Danny.
Watch out for next week when we go head to head in a round of macro photography. See you then!

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Betty Pitman said...

Anna and Brash, a bit too technical for me ! But I am able to appreciate the results. Again thoughts of the Gold Coast are important to me. I noticed the wonderful light in this blog ! Keep them coming ! ❤️ 😄