Monday, 6 July 2015

Old Guys Rule

Cotton Beach, April 2009, on our honeymoon
This is a special week for the Brashness - he has a birthday coming up. I won't reveal his age but he did get a free bowel screen notification from the government so you'd figure it was a big one, maybe ending in zero and possibly starting with five. 
Central Coast, 2008, with mum Elisabeth
Brisbane Motor Show 2008
2008 at a friend's house
Brisbane Southbank, 2008
He's taking it very well all things considered, the main thing to consider of course being that we can't do a damn thing about getting older so we may as well continue to enjoy life as much as we have been, and that's a bloody lot. 
Brisbane CBD, 2008
Brisbane, 2008
engagement photo by Deb Amsler, December 2008
engagement photo by Deb Amsler, December 2008
out with friends 2008, taken by a friend whose name I forget unfortunately
Really we have very little to complain about; if my biggest bitch of the week is the Australian dollar tanking I'm doing okay. We both woke up this morning and that's a good start to any day of the week.
channeling Chopper Read in Sydney, November 2008
On Sydney Harbour November 2008
our wedding day 2009, image by Bliss Photography
in the Kuranda rainforest on our honeymoon, April 2009
I hate snorkeling. Really. On the Barrier Reef April 2009, photographer unknown
We are busy planning our next trip, aptly named the 'Home Renovation Tour' because we are spending the money on travelling that we really should have spent doing up the kitchen, replacing the carpet and fixing those strange buckles in the cornices in the back room. The trip after that will be the money we could have spent on a back deck. You get the picture.
our marriage has survived many trips to IKEA, 2009
twilight on Mount Tamborine, September 2009
practising a lighting technique, March 2010
West End in Brisbane, October 2010
taken with a timer and fisheye lens while driving, April 2011
Speaking of pictures, it's a hard life being married to a photographer - a camera is always at the ready to catch you at your unflattering best and take you into posterity, ready or not. This is the lot of the Brashness and has been for the almost eight years we have been together. Regardless of whether he looks like Robert Redford's brother or William Shatner on crack I'm going to take his photo.
anything for the shot, June 2011
the Minister for Silly Hats, July 2011
taken during downtime at a wedding. August 2011
Christmas pudding ice cream cake, made by me! 2011
it runs in the family, March 2012, image by our friend Stuart
really Danny? (Insert eyeroll here) September 2013
The worst thing about this is that I have a few cameras, so more often than not my own decline into old age is recorded right back at me by Brash. I've illustrated this blog with a selection of photos of Brash that I've taken or had taken of us over the years. All images in this blog are by me unless otherwise specified or I'm in them.
caravan safari at San Diego Zoo Safari Park, July 2012
what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas (unless you're
a photographer), with friend Andy and my brother Simon
in Fremont St in downtown Las Vegas, July 2012
on the streets of San Francisco, August 2012
racing our Skoda Fabia RS at Lakeside, April 2013, with my brother
Simon riding shotgun
May 2013
August 2013
It's not all bad; occasionally I look at photos of us and wonder at the marvels of ice cream, red wine and chocolate, but usually I'm just grateful for the record of our life together - proof we were here, and we actually meant something.
getting lei'd in Hawaii, October 2013, photographer unknown
snorkeling off the west coast of Oahu, October 2013. I still hate snorkeling. 
taking the path less travelled through the Kalapana lava fields, October 2013
image by David Ewing
raking coffee beans at Mountain Thunder Coffee
Plantation in Kona, Hawaii, October 2013
with Fluffy a.k.a Gabriel Iglesias, Brisbane, September 2014
This week I drank the last bottle of a 2007 Shiraz from a West Australian winemaker I'd been saving for a long time. A few years ago it was simply a pleasant wine; now it is something amazing with a depth and complexity that lingered on my palate for a long time.
taken during our week test driving the new Octavia for Skoda Australia,
March 2014
speaking at a community health forum on the Gold Coast, August 2014
meeting The Hon. Tanya Plibersek MP, Deputy Federal Opposition Leader September 2014
at Marina Mirage on the Gold Coast, October 2014
protesting with fellow nurses and midwives, November 2014
It occurred to me this wine was older than my relationship with the Brashness, and in the time this wine had been bottled Brash and I had also been able to turn something pleasant into an amazing experience I hope will continue on with the same depth and complexity that it has now.
helping me with a shoot December 2014. I have no idea what I'm looking at here.
image by Pamela Weatherill
getting our pinko on at a Labor function, November 2014
speaking at the March 4 Rights, March 4th 2015, photographer unknown
Part of the in-crowd - a selfie with MY best girl Annastacia
Palaszczuk, Queensland Premier, at the March 4 Rights in
Brisbane, 2015 (Sadly, I wasn't there)
Labor Day March on the Gold Coast, May 2015
So yes, old guys definitely rule, and like a fine wine my old guy has matured into something outstanding I hope I will be enjoying for many years to come. The bottle might be getting a little dusty but it is what's inside that counts. Happy Birthday Danny.
on the beach, March 2011